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Quantity: 2.8 Product Size/Type: Ounce(s) Ingredients: Petrolatum, Paraffin, Mineral Oil, PVP Eicosene and Copolymer. Other Ingredients: Key Ingredients: Petrolatum………..Function: Aids healing, moisturizes, soothes and helps protect. Paraffin………….Function: Softens, leaves a dry smooth surface on the skin, helps protect skin. Mineral Oil…………..Function: Provides greatest penetration – holds moisture in lower levels of epidermis. Indications: Dry, Irritated Skin Heals symptoms of dry, irritated and inflexible skin, including: Cracked hands & feet Burns & sunburn Eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis Shaving irritation on face or legs Chronic dry skin on diabetics, renal patients, etc. Features: Night Cream: Safe around the eyes for removing waterproof makeup and for treating eye dermatitis. Medication Side Effects: Relieves irritation, redness and flaking caused by some medications, including Retin-A and Accutane treatment. Waterproof: Protects skin against damage from frequent hand washing, swimming, and cold dry air. Ointment – no sticky residue 12 plus hour effectiveness Economical Sensitivty free Melts on Contact Quickly absorbed Deep penetration WIll not affect garments Practical Directions: Apply small amount at any time to risk area, but should ideally be applied after washing or hydrating and at bedtime, to trap in maximum moisture. Apply twice daily, as needed, and allow Elta Creme to soak into skin. Key Benefits: Burns – 1st and 2nd degree burns as well as sunburns, healing grafts and donor sites, scar massage, under compression garments. Dry Skin Associated with Diabetes – Helps stop drying and cracking. Radiation Oncology – Helps soothe tender areas resulting from radiation therapy. Wound Care – Lubricates skin, loosens non-viable tissue, protects peri-wound area, and under zinc compression boots / compression therapy.

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